Client :

Crumpton Cider


Straight outta Crumpton


McCann UK brought the grit for this great UK Cider brand with their parody of the NWA classic "Straight Outta Compton" by creating 2D Rapping Characters in a stylised illustrated 3D environment.



Client Crumpton Cider
Agency Mc Cann UK
Animation Director Ruan Vermeulan
Executive Producer Vanessa Carrara
Creative Director Petrus Nel
Illustration Hannes Greyling
Harry Zeederberg
Petrus Nel
Lead Compositor Pieter Jordaan
3D Team lead & lead lighting artist Scott Bridge
Modeling, texturing & lighting Scott Bridge
Pre-vis & animation lead Pieter Jordaan
3D Modellor Scott Bridge
2D Animation Jan Oberholzer
Wafiq Abrahams